316L Chemical Injection Line

  • Capillary Tubing Chemical Injection Line

    Capillary Tubing Chemical Injection Line

    To assure produced fluid flow and protect your production infrastructure from plugging and corrosion, you need reliable injection lines for your production chemical treatments. Chemical injection lines from Meilong Tube help enhance the efficiency of your production equipment and lines, both downhole and at surface.

  • Capillary Tube Chemical Injection Line

    Capillary Tube Chemical Injection Line

    Our tubing is characterized with integrity and quality to be specially used in subsea conditions in the industries of oil and gas extraction.

  • Chemical Injection Line Tubing

    Chemical Injection Line Tubing

    One of the main challenges in the upstream processes of the oil and gas industry is to protect pipeline and process equipment against waxes, scaling and asphalthane deposits. The engineering disciplines involved in flow assurance play an essential part in mapping the requirements that reduce or prevent loss of production due to pipeline or process equipment blockage. Coiled tubing from Meilong Tube is applied to umbilicals and chemical injection systems play an effective role in chemical storage and delivery at an optimizing flow assurance.

  • Chemical Injection Line Tube

    Chemical Injection Line Tube

    A general term for injection processes that use special chemical solutions to improve oil recovery, remove formation damage, clean blocked perforations or formation layers, reduce or inhibit corrosion, upgrade crude oil, or address crude oil flow-assurance issues. Injection can be administered continuously, in batches, in injection wells, or at times in production wells.

  • Chemical Injection Line

    Chemical Injection Line

    A small-diameter conduit that is run alongside production tubulars to enable injection of inhibitors or similar treatments during production. Conditions such as high hydrogen sulfide [H2S] concentrations or severe scale deposition can be counteracted by injection of treatment chemicals and inhibitors during production.