Inconel 625 Control Line

  • Inconel 625 Hydraulic Control Line Tube

    Inconel 625 Hydraulic Control Line Tube

    Meilong Tube supplies a whole range of products to the oil and gas sector, and it’s one of our most important markets. You’ll find our high performance tubes successfully used in some of the most aggressive subsea and downhole conditions thanks to our proven track record in meeting the strict quality requirements of the oil, gas and geothermal energy industries.

  • Inconel 625 Control Line Tube

    Inconel 625 Control Line Tube

    Welded Control Lines are the preferred construction for control lines being used in downhole oil and gas applications. Our welded control lines are used in SCSSV, Chemical Injection, Advanced Well Completions, and Gauge Applications. We offer a variety of control lines. (TIG Welded, and floating plug drawn, and lines with enhancements) The various processes provide us the ability to customize a solution to meet your well completion.

  • Inconel 625 Hydraulic Control Line

    Inconel 625 Hydraulic Control Line

    A downhole safety valve that is operated from surface facilities through a control line strapped to the external surface of the production tubing. Two basic types of SCSSV are common: wireline retrievable, whereby the principal safety-valve components can be run and retrieved on slickline, and tubing retrievable, in which the entire safety-valve assembly is installed with the tubing string. The control system operates in a fail-safe mode, with hydraulic control pressure used to hold open a ball or flapper assembly that will close if the control pressure is lost.

  • Inconel 625 Control Line

    Inconel 625 Control Line

    A small-diameter hydraulic line used to operate downhole completion equipment such as the surface controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV). Most systems operated by control line operate on a fail-safe basis. In this mode, the control line remains pressurized at all times. Any leak or failure results in loss of control line pressure, acting to close the safety valve and render the well safe.