316L Control Line

  • Hydraulic Control Line Tube

    Hydraulic Control Line Tube

    The encapsulation of downhole components such as Hydraulic Control Lines, Single Line Encapsulation, Dual-Line Encapsulation (FLATPACK), Triple-Line Encapsulation (FLATPACK) has become prevalent in downhole applications. The overlaying of plastic provides several benefits that help to ensure a successful completion.

  • Hydraulic Control Line

    Hydraulic Control Line

    All encapsulated materials are hydrolytically stable and are compatible with all typical well completion fluids, including high-pressure gas. The material selection is based on various criteria, including bottomhole temperature, hardness, tensile and tear strength, water absorption and gas permeability, oxidation, and abrasion and chemical resistance.

  • Control Line Tubing

    Control Line Tubing

    Control lines have undergone extensive development, including crush testing and high-pressure autoclave well simulation. Laboratory crush tests have demonstrated the increased loading under which encapsulated tubing can maintain functional integrity, particularly where wire-strand “bumper wires” are used.

  • Control Line Tube

    Control Line Tube

    Meilong Tube’s downhole control lines are used primarily as communication conduits for hydraulically operated downhole devices in oil, gas, and water-injection wells, where durability and resistance to extreme harsh conditions are required. These lines can be custom configured for a variety of applications and downhole components.