Competences of Meilong Tube

We apply innovative technologies and develop processes that have been optimised in terms of technology as well as machine concepts.

Our technological competence results from the ongoing further training we provide for our staff and the know-how that is bundled within our Technology Centre.

Our service starts with a technical consultation process for our customers during product development and comprises design, material and tool selection as well as plant conception. The applied technologies, materials, joining and surfacing techniques must comply with our highest standards.


Downhole Tubing

• Control lines

• Chemical injection lines

• Hydraulic lines

• capillary tubing

• Electrical lines

• tubing encapsulated conductor

• intelligent well completions

• Multi-line flat packs

Umbilical Tubing

• Control lines

• Flying leads

• Electrical lines

• Chemical injection lines

• Hydraulic lines

Alloy characteristics are considered

• Pitting corrosion

• Crevice corrosion

• Galvanic corrosion

• Erosion corrosion

• Chloride stress corrosion cracking, (SCC)

• Intergranular corrosion

• Stress corrosion

• High temperature withstanding

• Low temperature withstanding

• High pressure withstandng

• Coiling

• Testing and measuring