Super Duplex 2507 Capillary Tube Chemical Injection Line

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Unique manufacturing capabilities and processes allow Meilong Tube to produce the longest continuous chemical injection line tubing available in stainless steels and high nickel alloys. Our long length tubing coils are used extensively for chemical injection in subsea and onshore wells. The length without orbital welds which reduces the potential for defects and failures. Additionally, our coils have an extremely clean and smooth inside surface that is ideal for chemical injection systems. The coils offer short hydraulic response time, greater collapse strength, and elimination of methanol permeation.

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One of the main challenges in the upstream processes of the oil and gas industry is to protect pipeline and process equipment against waxes, scaling and asphalthane deposits. The engineering disciplines involved in flow assurance play an essential part in mapping the requirements that reduce or prevent loss of production due to pipeline or process equipment blockage. Coiled tubing from Meilong Tube is applied to umbilicals and chemical injection systems play an effective role in chemical storage and delivery at an optimizing flow assurance.

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Alloy Feature

Duplex 2507 is a super duplex stainless steel designed for applications which demand exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. Alloy 2507 has 25% chromium, 4% molybdenum, and 7% nickel. This high molybdenum, chromium and nitrogen content results in excellent resistance to chloride pitting and crevice corrosion attack and the duplex structure provides 2507 with exceptional resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking.

Usage of Duplex 2507 should be limited to applications below 600° F (316° C). Extended elevated temperature exposure can reduce both the toughness and corrosion resistance of alloy 2507.

Duplex 2507 possesses excellent mechanical properties. Often a light gauge of 2507 material can be used to achieve the same design strength of a thicker nickel alloy. The resulting savings in weight can dramatically reduce the overall cost of fabrication.

Corrosion Resistance

2507 Duplex is highly resistant to uniform corrosion by organic ac Super Duplex 2507 Plateids such as formic and acetic acid. It is also highly resistant to inorganic acids, especially if they contain chlorides.  Alloy 2507 is highly resistant to carbide-related intergranular corrosion.  Due to the ferritic portion of the duplex structure of the alloy it is very resistant to stress corrosion cracking in warm chloride containing environments. Through additions of chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen localized corrosion such as pitting and crevice attack are improved.  Alloy 2507 has excellent localized pitting resistance.

Dimensional Tolerance

ASTM A789 / ASME SA789, Super Duplex 2507, UNS S32750
Size OD Tolerance OD Tolerance WT
<1/2’’ (<12.7 mm) ±0.005’’ (±0.13 mm) ±15%
1/2’’ ≤OD≤1’’ (12.7≤OD≤25.4 mm) ±0.005’’ (±0.13 mm) ±10%
Meilong Standard
Size OD Tolerance OD Tolerance WT
<1/2’’ (<12.7 mm) ±0.004’’ (±0.10 mm) ±10%
1/2’’ ≤OD≤1’’ (12.7≤OD≤25.4 mm) ±0.004’’ (±0.10 mm) ±8%

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