What Is Important In Selecting Pressure And Temperature Transmitters

Liquid compositions, temperature and pressure ranges, the flow, the location of an installation and the need for certificates are usually the basis for selection criteria. Chemical injection skids are often used on offshore platforms, where weight is very important. Since the chances of over-pressurization are minimal, a compact pressure transducer with a 4-20mA analogue signal is more than enough for single line use. The signal goes to the system DCS and the operator thereby monitors the individual   line pressures. When selecting the transmitter, vendor support and services, ease of installation and commissioning and the delivery performance are most relevant.

For a temperature transmitter, supplier services should also be more relevant as it is a single process signal, where no additional diagnostics are required. Qualitative parameters start to become important when the application is very complex and continuous adjustments are needed. Also in cases of filming chemical injections while drilling, the temperature and pressure diagnostics of the infection system are not leading over the drilling procedure and are therefore of minor importance. When selecting a supplier, availability in the field as well as support and fast delivery times are critical to keep your operations running.

Criteria for selecting temperature devices:

• Highest plant availability and safety with reliable sensor technology

• Traceable and accredited calibrations

• Fast, robust and highly accurate sensors in order to save costs and optimize processes

• Lowest operating expenditures through seamless integration, easy handling and long lifetime

• Trouble-free system and operations certification through international  approvals

• User-friendliness and expert’s support through all stages of the life cycle

Criteria for selecting pressure devices:

• High accuracy and stability, also under harsh conditions

• Fast response time

• Ceramic sensor option

• Trouble-free system and operations certification through international  approvals

Post time: Apr-26-2022