Chemical Injections To Assure And Condition Flow By Preventing Build-ups

In order to prevent deposition typically inhibitors are injected. Depositions or build-ups in the oil and gas processes usually are asphaltenes, paraffins, scaling and hydrates. Of those asphaltenes are the heaviest molecules in crude oil. When they adhere, a pipeline can quickly plug. Paraffins precipitate out of a waxy crude oil. Scaling may be caused by the mixing of incompatible waters or by changes in flow like temperature, pressure or shear. Common oilfield scales are strontium sulfate, barium sulfate, calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate. To avoid those build-up inhibitors are injected. For preventing freezing glycol is added.

If we want to condition the flow we have to

• prevent emulsions: they cause enormous production delays in separators

• avoid frictions like with asphaltenes

• reduce viscosity as oil is typically a Newtonian fluid

Post time: Apr-27-2022