Hydraulic Control Line Flatpack

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Control lines have undergone extensive development, including crush testing and high-pressure autoclave well simulation. Laboratory crush tests have demonstrated the increased loading under which encapsulated tubing can maintain functional integrity, particularly where wire-strand “bumper wires” are used.

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Product Introduction


- Intelligent wells requiring the functionality and reservoir management benefits of remote flow-control devices because of the costs or risks of interventions or an inability to support the surface infrastructure required in a remote location

- Land, platform, or subsea environments

Features, Advantages and Benefits

- Control lines are delivered in orbital-weld-free lengths up to 40,000 ft (12,192 m) to maximize reliability.

- A wide range of single, dual, or triple flat-packs is available. Flat-packs can be combined with downhole electrical cables and/or bumper wires for easier operation and handling during deployment.

- Welded-and-plug-drawn production method ensures a smooth, round tube to allow long-term metal sealing of terminations.

- Encapsulation materials are selected to suit well conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.


- Wide range of single, dual, or triple flat-packs

- Encapsulation materials to suit well conditions

- Tubing in various grades of stainless steels and in nickel alloys

Product Display


Profile of Flatpack Encapsulation

1/4’’ OD, 2 lines 0.710’’ x 0.410’’ (18.0mm x 10.4mm)
1/4’’ OD, 3 lines 0.990’’ x 0.410’’ (25.1mm x 10.4mm)
3/8’’ OD, 2 lines 0.960’’ x 0.535’’ (24.4mm x 13.6mm)
1/2’’ OD, 2 lines 1.200’’ x 0.660’’ (30.5mm x 16.8mm)

Testing Abilities

Chemical Flare Metallurgical
Corrosion Flatten Positive material identification (PMI)
Dimensional Grain size Surface roughness
Eddy current Hardness Tensile
Elongation Hydrostatic Yield

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